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Want to follow your dream and sail around the world?

This was a great job to work on as I got to hear all bout Steve (my clients), amazing adventures, cruising around the world with his family, to the most exotic beautiful places on his 50 Ft yacht. He's off again in the next few days for another stint in Fiji to more beautiful remote Islands...and I am just a teeny bit jealous!! Back in December for good he tells me though.

One can only dream about a life like that...or with the right know how and drive, could this be your reality too?

Along with many other life adventures, skills, and experiences living abroad, Steve from True North Life Coaching, decided he would be pretty dam good at helping others achieve their life's dream as well.This is where I also came in, providing the branding and website design for his new venture - he actually came to me for his website first, but soon discovered he really needed a shit hot logo (not one of these cheapies off randoms off the internet), to establish a more professional looking brand. VERY IMPORTANT!We developed a logo with a strong, masculine feel that conveys Steve's "no fluff" approach, giving clients, solid, practical advice and of course direction and an actual plan of attack. 

Steve was stoked with his logo and we're currently working on a website, with @rocketsparkwebsites which will be launched very soon. The beauty of the Rocketspark platform being that Steve can update and add to his website easily himself whilst aboard.So watch this space for the website, however if you would like to contact Steve about his life coaching services you can message him on facebook at "Truenorth Life Coaching", or follow him on Insta handle @svwildthing and watch his new adventures unfold.If you have a new venture like Steve's but need help in making it come to fruition visually then don't hesitate to call me for some free advice on 64 21 805 015 on how to get started and how I can help you.

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