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Need the perfect name for your new business or brand? Here's a few things to consider.

1. Short is sweet, don’t choose a name that is overly long. You are going to have to use it over and over. It needs to be easy to type, easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

2. Suggest purpose, but don’t be too generic. Many strong brands allude to what their business does, but aren’t too obvious and therefore forgettable. For example, your customers might search for generic keywords, but they will remember a catchy name, e.g. if they search for “online payment solutions” - PAYPAL is a unique name that suggests the kind of service it provides.

3. Be creative, a good way to create a catchy, distinctive and memorable business name is to use alternative spelling of words related to the goods or service that you are offering. For example, LYFT (uber taxi) and ELECTRIFY (E-Bike company)

4. Don’t resemble your competitors, stay away from names that are so similar to other traders in your industry that consumers might get confused. You also want to make sure that it isn't trademarked already. Research the brands and business names already used in your industry. Here is a really good website that you can use to check if your name is available and what email addresses are available too:

5. Choose a name that could grow with your brand. If there’s a possibility of future growth and you may be looking to expand your range of goods and services or geographic region, make sure that the name still works.

6. Think carefully about using your own name (he he I must consider this!) If you ever expand your business to another area or sell it, your name might not be suitable.

7. Consider the visual aspect of your name, does the configuration of the letters lend itself to a unique design and does the name easily conjure up visual imagery that you could use in the logo? (obviously this is where I come in as well)

Happy name hunting and here to help if you're struggling to find something suitable. Finding a brand name is all part of the service I offer in your full branding package.