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Make an impact with colour!

I love it when a client ventures outside the box when it comes to colour and doesn't follow the norm. This logo and branding will definitely stand out amongst the crowd and when I asked Ravinder from Oceanic Tech Services why he chose this particular logo design, he said it was because was bold, simplistic and most of all memorable. Their branding package included all social medial profile files formatted for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Plus collateral such as business cards, letterhead te...

May 18, 2022

What is POCUS?

One of the things I love about my job is meeting people that have very interesting professions. A recent branding job that I have personally learnt a lot from is for Jo McCann the founder of POCUS Education.POCUS stands for Point of care Ultrasound and refers to the use of ultrasound at a patient's bedside for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.Jo is a senior accredited medical sonographer and lecturer at Otago University and will now also be offering one on one teachings and workshops for medic...

May 18, 2022

Want to follow your dream and sail around the world?

This was a great job to work on as I got to hear all bout Steve (my clients), amazing adventures, cruising around the world with his family, to the most exotic beautiful places on his 50 Ft yacht. He's off again in the next few days for another stint in Fiji to more beautiful remote Islands...and I am just a teeny bit jealous!! Back in December for good he tells me though.One can only dream about a life like that...or with the right know how and drive, could this be your reality too?Along with m...

May 6, 2022

Need the perfect name for your new business or brand? Here's a few things to consider.

1. Short is sweet, don’t choose a name that is overly long. You are going to have to use it over and over. It needs to be easy to type, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. 2. Suggest purpose, but don’t be too generic. Many strong brands allude to what their business does, but aren’t too obvious and therefore forgettable. For example, your customers might search for generic keywords, but they will remember a catchy name, e.g. if they search for “online payment solutions” - PAYPAL is...

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